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Hello, I'm Connor
A Tech Enthusiast Turned Developer 🛠️

Hello there, I'm Connor—a creative mind who transitioned from graphic design to the dynamic world of web development. What started as a hobby has evolved into a successful part-time pursuit, gradually pulling me toward the technical aspects of the field.

In the present day, I've harnessed my passion for technology to establish a thriving freelance business. My specialization lies in crafting digital experiences that harmonize thoughtful design with technical expertise. Let's work together to bring your digital ideas to life in a meaningful and impactful way.

My Skills

With a primary emphasis on PHP and the Laravel framework, my current web design endeavors encompass a wide array of projects. This journey has not only enriched my expertise but has also enabled me to cultivate proficiency in Laravel's routing, ORM, and authentication features.

My Education

I completed my Computer Science degree at Liverpool John Moores University. During my time there, I also pursued freelance graphics and web design, which allowed me to enhance my skills in practical settings.

Degree: Computer Science
Institution: Liverpool John Moores University
Achievement: 2:1

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United Kingdom, Wirral, CH4